Yoto was the XO to Irvin Senate, while Senate was still the captain of the Dark Athena (when it was still called The Locust).

Early LifeEdit

Yoto was a smart man, the kind who knew when to keep his opinions to himself and when to voice them. At some point, he became a merc, eventually becoming the Executive Officer of the Locust.

XO of the LocustEdit

Yoto served under Irvin Senate during the Wailing Wars. After the conflict on Sol Lucia, Yoto was one of the few who was openly critical of the young Gale Revas, whom Senate had spared and made part of his crew.

As Revas began to climb the ranks with amazing speed, Yoto seemed only alarmed by it. He suggested that they should keep an eye on the Revas, believing she would cause them trouble some day. Senate refused to listen, as he was too infatuated by the girl as much as the rest of the men. Only Yoto seemed to be able to see Revas' true colors.

When Revas suggested they should use civilians on remote planets as raw drone material instead of wasting time buying cons from death row, It was the last straw. After Senate refused, Revas poisoned both Yoto and Senate until they were both insane from its effects. Yoto and Senate were subsequently imprisoned inside their own ship.

Events of Assault on Dark AthenaEdit

During his time aboard the Dark Athena, Riddick found Yoto in one of the prison cells across from Senate, but couldn't start a conversation with him due to the latter's spiraling insanity. After Riddick released the prisoners on the ship Yoto was gunned down, along with the former captain and most of the other prisoners, by the Dark Athena Mechs.