Voice Box

The Voice Box was essentially a type of radio used fondly by Pope Joe, a convict in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. He promised Riddick to heal him, in exchange for finding his "beloved voice box".


Our Lord says, This year; our Lord said, This year on New Mecca, you're gonna see new ministers arise. Some are gonna move into the wastelands to start new ministries, but I am not in it. I'm not in it. They will come here because of the growth. And the Lord says to tell you that, What I don't begin; where I do not begin, will fall. But there'll be some - three of which I'm sending to this city; three. One will spark the fires of evangelism. The second will spark a great commitment I'm waiting for in my church. As this, these, these are not churches. The Lord says, These are ministries. Planetary ministries. System-wide ministries. And the third will be a ministry that is new, and just been birthed. It will reach the dead people of the Galaxy. This church is going to be, is gonna be in fellowship with that new ministry for the dead. They will expose the Door's last hidden secrets. They will be criticized for the way they look! but I'm in them, says the Lord. They will not be your typical church goer. But when they speak you'll recognize the anointing. Yes, says the Lord, They will even go into the cities and bring the Lord back into the streets. And the Lord says, It won't be easy. This is a new breed of fighters that will even effect the minds in New Mecca...

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