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    The Riddick panel at Comic-Con was out of this world! (Haha. Get it?) The creator and director, David Twohy , was as eccentric and passionate about the Furyan and Necromonger mythology as its biggest fans. It makes total sense that the director would be Riddick's #1 fan. And next in line? That's easy... Riddick himself, Mr. Vin Diesel .

    Katee Sackhoff is no dud, either. Known for her amazing-ness in Battlestar Galatica (as Starbuck), she plays Dahl -- a mercenary contracted to kill Riddick. As the story unfolds, it turns out Dahl can relate more with Riddick than others and they in fact need each other for mutual survival. And in Katee's words, "She has the biggest gun throughout the entire movie," which is how she likes it.

    The trailer for Ri…

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