Help Create The Riddick Alien Survival Challenge Quiz!

How would you fare against hordes of extraterrestrial beasts in a barren alien wasteland? Wikia wants to know and we'd like YOUR HELP coming up with questions for a quiz. We want the final results to be "Alien Fodder", "Alien Slave Mind", "The Turncoat", "Survivor", and "Resistance Leader" -- make sure your question has an answer related to each result.

For example,

While traversing a barren desert, you and a group of survivors take cover in a cave. You’re woken in the middle of the night by what you think might be a Bio-raptor’s cry. How do you proceed?

a) Don’t tell anyone and stay inside. It was probably nothing. - Alien Fodder
b) Go to the edge of the cave and take a look. - Alien Slave Mind
c) Grab a gun and sneak outside to end the beast. - Survivor
d) Might as well trap your fellow survivors in the cave and lure the Bio-Rapter inside while you make your valiant escape. - Turncoat
e) Wake up your fellow survivors and discuss a plan for trapping — and defeating — the beast. - Resistence Leader

To qualify to have your question and answer be featured in the quiz, please make sure you format it like the question above including the question, the answers, and the result each answer pertains too. We will be accepting possible questions until the end of the day on January 2nd so get started!

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