With the new coming up, I wonder what direction of Riddick would people like to see? Even though he is returning back to his old ways, I would still like to see Riddick and the Necromongers continue with the Underverse story. If this movie does well then at least two mor movies with Riddick dealing with the Underverse and Furya or three. But I do believe that if this movie does good finacially then Riddick would need to come to a close, give us two or three movies that wraps him up. Or if that doesn't work then maybe a TV series with three seasons, but I perfer the movies though since it would cost probably $60 million to do a TV series on Riddick. Either way Vin still looks good as Riddick, I think ending it with six or seven movies would be nice to the series and giving us clsoer with the whole destiny thing.

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