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  • LordTJ


    July 28, 2014 by LordTJ

    Hey everyone just letting you all know I've created Riddick map that you all can edit and things too. Feel free to add pins to where events, plantes, and characters emerged from the franchise.


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  • LordTJ

    I recently got a chance to talk with writer and director of the Riddick franchise David Twohy. Check out what we discussed concerning the bluray release of Riddick and future installments.

    Travis aka LordTJ: DT it's Travis aka LordTJ and the last time we spoke it was in August and Riddick was on its way out, now four months after its release we get a chance to speak once again on the huge success of this film. Before we get started let me say congrats on returning Riddick back to the big screen and making a great movie. So let's proceed:

    I got a chance to read the Riddick screenplay, which was 100 pages of solid material. In the draft, I read Vaako initially died trying to save Riddick by Krone. What made you change your mind and keep him ali…

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  • LordTJ


    September 2, 2013 by LordTJ

    Riddick is hitting the screens this Wednesday and for all of you who need to be caught up, this is a good way to start. Thnx to the boys and gals over at IGN for this, they  primairly used our wikia here to compile all the info into this grat poster! Enjoy.

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  • LordTJ

    The Direction of Riddick

    March 28, 2013 by LordTJ

    With the new coming up, I wonder what direction of Riddick would people like to see? Even though he is returning back to his old ways, I would still like to see Riddick and the Necromongers continue with the Underverse story. If this movie does well then at least two mor movies with Riddick dealing with the Underverse and Furya or three. But I do believe that if this movie does good finacially then Riddick would need to come to a close, give us two or three movies that wraps him up. Or if that doesn't work then maybe a TV series with three seasons, but I perfer the movies though since it would cost probably $60 million to do a TV series on Riddick. Either way Vin still looks good as Riddick, I think ending it with six or seven movies would…

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  • LordTJ

    Riddick's New Teaser

    March 24, 2013 by LordTJ

    So the new 2013 Riddick teaser has been released, and though it is only 23 seconds long it still provides spine tingling thrill. Visible are the new creatures Riddick will have to face, more vicious than the others as seen in the teaser. All new moves by the Alpha Furyan and amazing slow motion giving it a sexier feel to the action. Over all the visual effects looks amazing and judging by what I have seen it should out do Pitch Black by a long shot. September 6 is when it all begans again.Mundus Vult Decipi 13:45, March 24, 2013 (UTC)

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