The Cozart Brothers (better known as the Torture Twins) were two twin (probably insane) brothers who were brutal murderers, known for their grisly torture methods that were so terrifying that they shocked other prisoners. Victor Cozart and Abe Cozart were sentenced to life in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility for these crimes, and were imprisoned in Cell Block A of Butcher Bay's Single-Max facility. When placed on lockdown (presumably for crimes committed while in prison), they managed to get a hold of a prisoner named Frances and tortured him until he passed out, while they were locked in their cell. A prisoner named Michaels was the one who was tasked to cleaning up after the Torture Twins.

Due to the fact that both brothers are locked in the exact same cell and imprisoned within the same cell block, which is a very rare coincidence indeed, hints to the fact that both Abe and Victor are conjoined twins (Siamese twins), or where in fact members of the Rykengolls, a religious order infamous for torturing non-believers, though Rykengolls are known for blinding themselves first, and seeing as both Victor and Abe quote numerous times on their grizzly tortures make it doubtful that they are part of this sect.

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