Toombs' Chase Log is a video log kept by Alexander Toombs before he caught up with Richard B. Riddick on planet U.V.6.

It was recorded by Toombs as follows:

Day: 01Edit

"Day one: Trucking a bag of shit to the Corovan Penal Facility. Case you're wonderin' why I'm all smiles... that's on account of my employer. You see, I ain't the entrepreneur in charge this time. Somebody callin' the shots wants all this 'documented'. Liability, my ass."

Day: 02Edit

"Two days out. Convict in the back's named Speedo. Don't know where he got that. Looks pretty fuckin' slow at the moment. Shut up back there! Idiot keeps grousin' about the food and restraints. Corovan's payin' out 350 for this skinny fuck! Two hundred of which goes into my employer's pocket. Pretty shitty math, if you ask me. Last time Toombs is a work-for-hire. Did I just say that on camera? Oops."

Day: 03Edit

"Three days out. Rolled into Corovan to dump the dipshit, and la-di-da. They tell me they got a first-rate bounty of 500K... on a familiar face... Richard B. Riddick. Makes me wonder what they'd offer on Crematoria. Ain't it a peach when your work lets you visit with old friends?"

Day: 04Edit

"Four days out. Time to get down to business... my own business. I decided to keep the cameras, make a record of it. Nobody ever met a merc with personality before. I think I'll lay it down for 'em, give folks a touch of class. First things first. Head for Lupus 5. Gotta dig up a new crew."

Day: 08Edit

"Eight days out. Instructions for hirin' mercs. Step one... promise big bounties and big commissions. Every merc is looking out for number one, and I'm a generous man. Don't even mind sharin' as long as the big dog gets his cut. Step two... get good and drunk and find a young lady who enjoys the pleasure of your company."

Day: 09Edit

"Nine days out. Hit the local card game with the dregs on Lupus 5. This tattooed asshole Asher sits down and starts jaw-jackin'... about how he's gonna take down Riddick. Then he says he'd deal with me later. Let's hope for his sake he's just talkin' about playin' cards."

Day: 10Edit

"Ten days out. Turns out Asher wasn't talkin' about playin' cards. Mighta gotten messier if this kid hadn't stepped in to mediate. The little man is Evac. He put the drop on Asher for me... and now he says he's lookin' to get on as a gunner. Heh. Quite the resume moment."

Day: 11Edit

"Eleven days out. Lupus 5 is starting to stink of amateurs... so Evac and me gotta look elsewhere to crew up. I even had to deputize a bunch of idiots... and sent them on a Riddick goose chase in the stupid direction. Boy, Riddick's big game. Seems like it's more than just a bounty that gets all these panties in a tussle. Watch out, Sunshine! Here comes trouble."

Day: 13Edit

"Thirteen days out. Made a pit stop on Lupus 1. Did me a little research on the Helion System. If Riddick dropped his holy friend off anywhere... it would have definitely been New Mecca. The trip's not a total loss. Got me a pilot. Big fuckin' oaf named Daisy. Not much to look at, but she's all sweatheart."

Day: 22Edit

"Twenty-two days out. Think Daisy's got an unhealthy obsession with wives' tales. Good thing I'm not married. She won't stop runnin' her gums... about some kind of "scorge" or scourge or... Whatever it is, it's givin' me a headache."

Day: 29Edit

"Twenty-nine days out. Helion Prime. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here. Who does want to live here? Anybody else think it's bright enough? No way Riddick camps out in these woods... but I got some ideas."

Day: 30Edit

"Thirty days out. Picked up a straggler con named Damascus. A little insurance bounty just for the hell of it. Turned out Damascus already had a handler... a merc by the name of Phelps who lost his skiff... and was looking for a new business partner. I figured a buyout was safer than a gunfight... so Phelps is comin' along as my new navigator... and Damascus is comin' along for the ride. Sounds like the price on Crematoria can handle a split."

Day: 34Edit

"Thirty-four days out. Since we left Helion, Daisy's so hopped up on conspiracies... she won't shut her damn yap. Keeps mutterin' somethin' like "Necromonger." Damn fine pilot, but I wouldn't mind... just sewin' her mouth shut! Phelps is workin' out like a charm. Think maybe I've finally got a crew with the stones to get the drop on Riddick."

Day: 41Edit

"Forty-one days out. Just hit an outpost off the lanes and found a five-year-old data dump... with passenger info on a ship called Hunter Gratzner. William J. Johns in possession of a convict. Now, a little due diligence, and you can get the name of the skiff that the big, bad Riddick rode out on. Now, how many slick fuckers do you think could do that?"

Day: 56Edit

"Fifty-six days out. Runnin' low on party poppers now. We just made the landing on Crematoria and it seems there's some confusion about the price on Damascus here. Is every monkey in this galactic arm terrible at math?"

Day: 57Edit

"Fifty-seven days out. Had a little sleepover at the slam. Now, you know you got everyone's attention when the bounties start jumpin' up. These Russian jokers say they're putting up a cool 850K for Riddick. Just the kind of financial motivation a tired bunch of mercs like us need to keep up the good work."

Day: 58Edit

"Fifty-eight days out. Goddamn 52 hour days here, and all I want to do is pop the cork and get runnin'. Daisy's been talking to a couple of the Russians. Her tall tales are starting to sound like the genuine article. Some kind of planet-killers. Well, ride me hard and put me up wet. Who's got time for that? I got a convict to pick up."

Day: 59Edit

"Fifty-nine days out. Preppin' to get off this rock. Everybody on board is anglin' for a fatter cut than the bog dog. Evac and Phelps sure are askin' lots of questions about Riddick. Nobody told me the price of loyalty was gonna be such a pain in my ass. What's to know? He's a fuckin' convict pimp-daddy jailbird. Had to make it clear that my hirin' policy is 'no questions asked.' For that, I dish out square cuts."

Day: 76Edit

"Seventy-six days out. Had to make a few cutbacks recently. After all that work diggin' up a premium crew... they had to go and make themselves expendable... by talkin' mutiny on my ship. Bet they were surprised to find me and the skiff gone when they got back to the hangar. Good luck with that terminator run. Sunburns like that never really go away."

Day: 81Edit

"Eighty-one days out. New hirin' policy... nothing too fancy. These guys will work out fine as long as they can draw a bead when we catch up with Riddick. Heading to the Aquila System on some granted intelligence."

Day: 83Edit

"Eighty-three days out. Back in the Aquila System again. First time in a long time. Nine worlds to choose from. No need to get all dolled up. Probably won't stop for long. Aquilans aren't that chatty, so intel might be hard to come by."

Day: 84Edit

"Eighty-four days out. New bounty just hit the wires. Somebody'll pay 1.5 million now. Looks like things just got serious. Consider me motivated!"

Day: 85Edit

"Eighty-five days out. Well, what little hospitality there was just ran out. Some comet here just jacked the shit out of my systems. I imagine if Daisy were still around she'd be barkin' the same old Necromonger tune. Thanks to whatever, we now have to put in for repairs at a nearby outpost."

Day: 87Edit

"Eighty-seven days out. I hit this Aquila outpost and did a little more diggin'. Boy they should start passin' out merc awards... and I think I'll take the trophy for king shit. Guess who's comin' for ya, Riddick?"

Day: 92Edit

"Ninety-two days out. Planet U.V.6. Quite an interesting choice. Maybe I'll use the bounty to hire a ghostwriter... for my autobiography. Can't wait to see the look on Riddick's face... all deer-in-the-headlights and shit."

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