The Station was one of the planned three prisons on Butcher Bay Planet, but was cut in favor of one prison with three sections. Although ingame dialogue about the prison was removed from Binks, it can still be found in game files.

The Station, as described by Binks:

"That place is the real deal. Spent five years there with my younger brother. They peeled of his skin second day. But me? No, they couldn't touch me. Beatings, searches, commandos runnin' through the place. The Station harden you up good, man. That place is one long kick in the junk. Still, I got payback for my brother. I was facing these two armed hacks. Showed 'em I had nothing in my hands. And then I cut 'em...I cut 'em good man. Said I had nothing in my hands. But what I had on my hands... fingernails. Keep 'em sharp. Always."

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