A Rookie Mercenary is a unnamed new mercenary in the Mercenary Guild, deputized by Alexander Toombs to hunt down Richard B. Riddick[1]. Rookie mercenary started his hunt on the planet Origin with a Flattery C-19 and traveled to Lupus 5. On the planet he met some workers in the hangar and rolled dice with them, for one free throw, and actually won some UD. From there he went to Helion Prime, the last place Riddick was seen. There the rookie saw a vision of Furya. After gathering some data and learning of Hunter Gratzner crash, he went to Crematoria to gather more info on the survivors. Since he was there without authorization, he had to flee the planet in a hurry, taking course to Aquila Major. However, just before he could land, something similar to a meteor hit the planet, and rookie mercenary's ship malfunctioned. After being adrift for a while, he managed to divert power to thrust and make it to the Outpost 7670, Outpost automated functions towed his ship in and repaired it. Finding info on the database lead him to planet U.V.6. On U.V.6 he found Riddick's cave, and was captured by Riddick himself. Riddick however decided to let the rookie mercenary go, but only if he won't tell anybody what he saw. On his way off the planet he met with two other mercenaries who had trailed him there. Riddick showed up and killed the two mercenaries. Rookie mercenary was again spared only because he kept his promise and didn't mention seeing Riddick, to the two mercs.[2]


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