Riddick's Dog

Riddick's Jackal is a canine like creature native to the planet. Riddick's pet jackal was captured as a young pup and was used by Riddick as a "guinea pig" to see if one could survive the venom of a Mud Demon. Riddick discovers that the pup not only survived the venom but had started to develop an immunity towards it, prompting Riddick to start injecting himself with the venom to form an immunity as well. Once he gains this, he leaves for the fight against the Demons, leaving the pup behind in a cage on his way through the Mud Demon lair. Once there, he realizes the pup has escaped and followed him, and calls him an "escape artist". After defeating the Mud Demon he realizes the pup is still in danger from the other Demons, and saves his life by taking him along as a pet. Over the next few months Riddick develops an attachment to his pet, sharing his food and training the jackal to obey his every command. The pet jackal is eventually killed while protecting Riddick from Santana. Riddick fights with all of his might to save his companion from Captain Santana by refusing to fall, even though Dahl has shot him several times with horse tranquilizers, but Riddick finally succumbs and falls to the ground with a look of loss and pain. In the next scene, he avenges the jackal by decapitating Santana with his own blade while he is still chained up.