Quest Items are various items used to progress throughout the Escape from Butcher Bay game.

List of ItemsEdit

Abbott's Security Card
Abbott's Security Card - Abbott's personal security card, used to open all doors.
Bombcan - Used to blast a hole between Lower Mines and Xeno Tunnels.
Bottle of Booze
Bottle of Booze - Given by Jenkins, can be traded for some UD's.
Class D Security Card
Security Card - Different Cards are used for unlocking doors of different Security levels.
Data Pad
Data Pad - Used to communicate with Max Dacher.
Drugs - Used to gain access to interrogation room.
Injector - Twotongue wants it in return for his services.
Jagger's Package
Jagger's Package - Used to gain trust with Jagger Valance.
List of Rats
List of Rats, Page 1 - Cuellas seeks the list.
List of Rats Ending
List of Rats, Page 2 - Cuellas seeks the list.
Moth - Used to buy things from Twotongue.
NanoMed Cartridge
NanoMED Cartridge - Used to refill the NanoMED in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility.
NanoMED Catridge DA
NanoMED Catridge - Used to refill NanoMED aboard Dark Athena.
Poison - Used to Poison Binks' food.
Power Cell
Power Cell - Used to power the Drill.
Radio Transmitter
Radio Transmitter - Used to trick the guards to open a gate leading to The Pit.
Red Tube
Red Tube - Gulag wants it back from the PPP.
Rifle-case - Used to gain entrance to Abbott's quarters.
Security Code
Security Code - Several different codes are used to open doors and secrets.
Shurik's Glasses
Shurik's Glasses - Shurik wants them back, in return of helping.
Toolroom Key
Toolroom Key - A key used to access an old door in the abandoned tunnels.
Vent Tool
Vent Tool - Used to open vent doors.
Universal Denomination in Games
UD Money - Used to buy things.
Voice Box
Voice Box - Used to impress Pope Joe.

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