Necro Fighter

Necromonger Fighters are one-man Necromonger fighter ships used to overwhelm and distract enemy air and space forces.


Necromonger fighters are small craft that seem to use one small engine for propulsion. The cockpit and the engine are both exposed to enemy fire. They have two wings, each carrying a mounted turret. Necromonger fighters, like all current Necromonger craft, are influenced by Carthodox design and technology.


They are designed to overwhelm enemy defenses during the first moments of a Necromonger invasion.Due to the self-sustaining nature of their pilots, hundreds of Necromonger Fighters can be stored in Conquest Icons. When they emerge from Conquest Icons, their primary objectives are to overwhelm enemy forces and distract the defenders from more important ships such as the Warrior Ships or the Basilica. While most Necromonger fighters are deployed from Conquest Icons, many others are kept in the Basilica and used only for its defense.

These ships are often utilized alongside the Necromongers' Sarcophagus-Class dropships, both of which always make up the initial Necromonger invasion force. After the defenders surrender, Necromonger fighters are used as patrol and recon craft, looking for any signs of continuing military resistance or organized civilian resistance. Oftentimes, Necromonger fighters (as well as Sarcophagi) on isolated missions are abandoned by the rest of the Necromonger military when the Lord Marshal issues the Ascension Protocol, and they are destroyed in the ensuing planetwide inferno.


Necromonger fighter craft are very lightly armored - a single shot from a Helion defense craft is enough to destroy one. They are also very lightly armed, using gravity-based weaponry like all Necromonger weapons. Uniquely, they seem to be able to use controlled gravity fields, which act as a sort of shield, to destroy obstacles that they are about to crash into.

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