Necromonger's Commander Vaako and wife Dame Vaako

The Necromongers are a religious empire and one of four elder races, that zealously and violently follows and propagates its religion Necroism. An absolutely fanatic group that believes life is antagonistic to the natural state of the universe. They intend to convert or kill all who oppose them.


The Necromongers believe that each 'verse has its own god, that life is antagonistic to the natural order of the universe and must be purged from it to be reborn in the Underverse. The Underverse is their promised land, believing that unless a person dies "in due time" that they will not go to the Underverse.

They also believe heavily in a philosophy that says "you keep what you kill", believing that ending another's life entitles you to their property and position.


The Necromongers do not reproduce, as to not propagate life further, thus the reason they refer to all non-necros as breeders. All living Necromongers are converts, when they undergo conversion they receive the "mark of the Necromonger": two painful spikes stabbed into the sides of their necks, they learn how one pain can lessen another. After this "purification" the nerves are numbed, and color drains from the converts eyes and skin. The new converts wear: burned, tattered, and decayed robes.


Necromonger logo silver

Necromonger Obelisk

The troops of the empire are particularly effective, they view death as honorable, and are unable to feel pain. The warriors do not believe in clean armor, believing that the more damage you show, the greater the warrior you are.

Armament & Equipment

While the soldiers of the Necromonger Empire do wield guns, it is considered more honorable to use melee weapons.


"It is said the comet always proceeds them."
Abu al-Walid

Necromonger fleet disguised as comet heading towards Helion Prime

The Necromonger fleet moves from planet to planet, system to system, appearing as a comet before arrival. The Armada first began to take shape under the orders of Covu after his discovery of the Underverse. The Armada arose from Oltovm who Covu left behind as he and his Necromongers entered the Threshold. Oltovm the Builder then began to construct a bigger armada, but he never saw First Ascension when the New Armada arose from Asylum and chose Naphemil the Navigator to replace him. Naphemil had Necropolis unearthed and entombed in the Basilica, which travels with the armada on it's conquest through space.


The Necromongers can track their history back to the Brotherhood of Austeres. The group sought to distance themselves from the other worlds of man that they found so corrupting. The Austeres settled on the world Asylum.

Quickly dissension arose, Covu an important scientist-philosopher began teaching the then radical belief that there might be more than one God indeed, that there might be as many Gods as there were "universes"!

First Regime: Covu the Transcended

Second Regime: Oltovm the Builder

Third Regime: Naphemil the Navigator

Fourth Regime: Baylock the Brutal

Fifth Regime: Kryll

Sixth Regime: Zhylaw the Last

Seventh Regime: Riddick

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