Dark Athena merc fully armoured

A fully armoured Merc

The Mercenaries affiliated to the Dark Athena are more vicious and different from ordinary mercs. As Max Dacher describes, most mercs answer to a union and have protocols, the Dark Athena mercs do not follow any sort of protocols or rules except for obeying their superiors, including the ship's captain.

When Irvin Senate was in charge of the ship, he used a screening process before hiring any crew. However, after Gale Revas overthrew the captain and took over, the screening process was abandoned, meaning that murderous psychopaths were able to join the crew.

These mercs are rarely seen during Riddick's first journey into the ship, preferring to use the expendable drones to do the menial tasks. A few of the Mercs, including Spinner, make use of a type of the Dark Athena's complement of bipedal Mechs for serious firepower.

Varieties Edit

There are a variety of Mercs affiliated with the Dark Athena.

  • Dark blue armor with no helmet
  • Dark blue armor (with helmet)
  • Fully armored merc with red color (seen only on Aguerra Prime)
  • Merc dressed in white wearing a surgical mask (believed to be involved in making the drones)

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