Group of Mercenaries
"The creed is greed."
—saying amongst Mercs
Game Mercs

Mercenary, or simply Merc for short, is a person who takes part in armed conflict for money, occasionally they are also hired to hunt down criminals for money. In the Riddick universe, there is no centralized authority. Instead, the separate sectors of space are generally ruled by whatever entity is the most powerful. This balance of power is in constant flux as different political factions, militant armies and criminal organizations rise and fall in strength. In this ever-changing landscape any true loyalty is unwise for fear that what you pledge loyalty to today will make you a wanted man tomorrow. Thus, mercenaries have entered a new golden age, as it gives soldiers the flexibility to switch loyalties whenever necessary. Mercs generally provide whatever service they specialize in to who ever wants it and is rich enough to pay. Some are soldiers for hire, prison guards or bounty hunters.

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