Jordi Mollà Perales (born  July 1, 1968) is a Spanish Catalan actor, filmmaker, writer and artist.

Mollà's artwork is represented in the Carmen De la Guerra Gallery in Madrid, Picasso Mio Gallery in Madrid and Barcelona and Cold Creation Gallery in Barcelona. In the summer of 2002, he exhibited in ARCO at the Carmen de la Guerra Gallery, along with a number of other artists.

As an actor, Mollà is most recognized in the United States for his role as Diego Delgado in Blow (Ted Demme, 2001), his debut Hollywood film. Mollà also has directed three films and written two books.

Bad Boys II co-star Gabrielle Union labeled Mollà as "The Tom Cruise of Spain," when praising his charismatic performance as Johnny Tapia.

He plays Captain Santana in Riddick

Filmography as actor Edit

  • (1992) Revolver, directed by Gary Nelson
  • (1992) Jamón, jamón, by J.J. Bigas Luna
  • (1993) Historias de la puta mili, by Manuel Esteban
  • (1994) Le fusil de bois, by Pierre Delerive
  • (1994) Todo es mentira, by Álvaro Fernández Armero
  • (1994) Historias del Kronen, by Montxo Armendáriz
  • (1994) Mi hermano del alma, by Mariano Barroso
  • (1994) Alegre ma non troppo, by Fernando Colomo
  • (1995) La flor de mi secreto, by Pedro Almodóvar
  • (1995) Los hombres siempre mienten, by Antonio del Real
  • (1996) La cible, by Pierre Courrège
  • (1996) La Celestina, by Gerardo Vera
  • (1997) Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí, by Dunia Ayaso
  • (1997) La buena estrella, by Ricardo Franco
  • (1998) Los años bárbaros, by Fernando Colomo
  • (1998) Dollar for the Dead, by Gene Quintano
  • (1998) El pianista, by Mario Gas
  • (1999) Volavérunt, by J.J. Bigas Luna
  • (1999) Charlie's Angels, by Mateo Gil
  • (1999) Segunda Piel,by Gerardo Vera
  • (2001) Son de mar, by J.J. Bigas Luna
  • (2001) Blow, by Ted Demme
  • (2002) No somos nadie, directed by himself.
  • (2003) The Tulse Luper Suitcases: The Moab Story, by Peter Greenaway
  • (2003) Bad Boys II, by Michael Bay
  • (2004) The Alamo, by John Lee Hancock
  • (2004) The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 2: Vaux to the Sea, by Peter Greenaway
  • (2006) The Stone Merchant
  • (2006) Anthony: Warrior of God, by Antonello Belluco
  • (2007) Elizabeth: The Golden Age, by Shekhar Kapur
  • (2007) Sultanes del Sur
  • (2008) Guerrilla, by Steven Soderbergh
  • (2008) Zenitram, by Luis Barone
  • (2008) La Conjura de El Escorial, by Antonio del Real
  • (2008) Inconceivable, by Mary McGuckian
  • (2009) Ce n'è per tutti, by Luciano Melchionna
  • (2009) El cónsul de Sodoma, by Sigfrid Monleón
  • (2009) The Van Zandt Shakedown rumored, by Christopher Compton
  • (2009) God's Spy, by Andrew Morahan
  • (2010) The Making of Plus One, by Mary McGuckian
  • (2010) Knight and Day
  • (2010) Bunraku, by Guy Moshe
  • (2010) There be dragons, by Roland Joffe
  • (2011) Colombiana
  • (2013) Riddick

Filmography as director Edit

  • (1993) Walter Peralta
  • (1995) No me importaría irme contigo
  • (2002) No somos nadie
  • (2007) Cinemart

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