The Johns, William J. - Pursuit Log was kept by William J. Johns during his pursuit of Richard B. Riddick, following his escape from Butcher Bay. This log leads up to the opening scene of Pitch Black.

It was recorded by Johns as follows:

Day: 03Edit

"Three Days Out:

"Suppose I should wonder why I'm alive. I got some distance between us and Butcher Bay in Hoxie's ship before he dosed me and left me for dead. (Chuckles softly) It's lucky I don't die easy."

Day: 07Edit

"Seven Days Out:

"I tracked the son of a bitch to some bombed-out mess of a planet. If New Mecca offered free dry cleaning I think they'd get every wretch in this system. There's no Riddick here... it's too fuckin' bright."

Day: 13Edit

"(Sighs) Thirteen Days Out:

"I'm headed for Tangiers Penal. It's home of the highest-running bounties and some pretty fine spiced noodles. [I] Doubt they have any leads. (Chuckles softly) You know, I can see Riddick's goggled ass every time I close my eyes and start to drift. I'm watching out for other mercs... I don't wanna play partners... one named Dresden."

Day: 14Edit

"[I'm] Now Fourteen Days Out:

"I keep running past preachers and children headed for New Mecca. (Chuckles softly) Lucky bastards with a clear conscience I guess. But then, what the fuck do I have to atone for anyway? [Well,] Maybe too much to mention... my biggest sin... yeah, not catching that bastard yet."

Day: 16Edit

"(Long sigh) Sixteen Days Out:

"Bored as shit. Fuel line's down again and I'm waiting for repair. It's thick as thieves around here but no Riddick. Another day lost. Riddick's gotta be in the next system by now. Goddamnit. Seventeen for seventeen. (Chuckles softly) He's not gonna be my first loss."

Day: 20Edit

"Twenty Days Out:

"I tracked him to a market on Aquila Major. Stupid fuck. I caught him trying to hide in the crowds. It's an easy mistake. Thinks there's safety in numbers. Thinks I'm stupid. But every rock has its scum -- and scum has eyes. They also get greedy. Now there's three dead bodies here and still no Riddick."

Day: 25Edit

"Twenty-Five Days Out:

"On the lookout for Dresden -- imitator, jackass. Tangiers poster boy this month, my ass. Thinks he knows how this shit gets done. Who's he ever busted? Huh? (Laughing) I crap bigger than his last paycheck. He knows shit. He's not even close to the scent... [he] doesn't have that cold metal tickle on his spine."

Day: 26Edit

"Twenty-Six Days Out:

"I'm standing on a ghost-ship just outside of the shipping lanes. Nothing but death here. Nothin' I ain't seen before Looks like a group of Rykengolls tried a hijack... eh, they're shitty fighters anyway... and now Riddick has a faster ship. Those fuckin' pirates."

Day: 27Edit

"Twenty-Seven Days Out:

"This is gonna be sketchy. My right hand's all busted. A real cheap shot. Caught up to him at a brothel on the outskirts. Damn his night vision. At least I'm being taken care of -- my sources have (chuckles softly) all sorts of talents."

Day: 39Edit

"Thirty-Nine Days Out:

"(Long sigh) I'm getting ripped to shit chasing this animal. Torqued my ankle. Damn he can run. I gotta remember to shoot first, Johns, shoot first. Think gun -- then run. (Chuckles) Ah, god damn... I think I'm starting to like the dope too much."

Note: This is when Johns first began to develop his morphine addiction.'

Day: 40Edit

"Forty Days Out:

"(Sighs) (I'm) Trying to, uh, avoid dark places for now. I need some time to heal up. Those shiny globes inside my head. Should've learned my lesson at Butcher Bay. I need to... (sighing) I need to reload. Need to get more... of everything..."

Day: 47Edit

"Forty-Seven Days Out:

"I took the week to get right. Keep doping that eye, doc says. (Chuckling) Problem is, I'm the only doc I know. I'm finding traces of Riddick... everywhere... and Dresden, too. Gotta trade up on my transport."

Day: 53Edit

"Fifty-Three Days Out:

"Dresden found dead on Lupus 5. (Chuckles softly) Sliced down the spine. Not that tough after all, jackass. Seems like Riddick's been thinking about me."

Day: 55Edit

"Fifty-Five Days Out:

"I know where that son of a bitch is. (Chuckles softly) I can't wait to see the look on their fuckin' faces at Tangiers when I come rollin' in (chuckles). Ain't about money now, Riddick. I'll see you soon."

Day: 56Edit

"Fifty-Six Days Out:

"I got him."

Day: 63Edit

"Sixty-Three Days Out:

"I'm leaving the Conga System with Riddick in tow. I would'a never never guessed he had such a soft spot in his little heart. (Mockingly) Children in peril (laughs). He's fucking stupid like that. Should'a known that'd slow him down too much. I hope that this slam can hold him, and I hope those boys at Tangiers saved their paychecks."

Day: 76Edit

"Seventy-Six Days Out:

"Lucky eighteen (chuckles). I'm grabbing a lift from a long-range transport. Uh, Hunter-something. The son of a bitch is finally in cryo."

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