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Into Pitch Black is a Sci-Fi channel special which aired before Pitch Black, and was about lawmen investigating Riddick's past as well as an investigation into the crash of the Hunter Gratzner. A physical copy is very hard to find, and is only available on Region 2 copies of the Pitch Black DVD. The special can; however, be seen on Youtube. It shows several inconsistencies with the official storyline, and might be possibly retconned by the other movies and video games. There are five different sequences, that of the investigator, a psychiatrist evaluating Riddick, the alleged doctor who gave Riddick his trademark eyeshine, the team that investigated the disappearance of the Hunter-Gratzner, as well as various clips of the actual movie Pitch Black.

The Investigation

6 months after the crash, a policeman is assigned by his superior officer to find and apprehend escaped convict Richard B. Riddick, Riddick was being transported on-board space transport vessel "Hunter-Gratzner" carrying on-board 40 people, where a bounty hunter named Johns who captured him was escorting him to the penal colony "Slam City" and claim the bounty on his head. But the "Hunter-Gratzner" was struck by a meteor shower and crashed on a desert planet, where Riddick and 10 survivors were marooned.

The policeman decides to hire a female bounty hunter to track down and capture Riddick alive. The female bounty hunter begins to suspect there is something more behind the "Hunter-Gratzner" incident and learns one of the survivors, Paris P. Ogilvie was carrying on-board "Hunter-Gratzner" a priceless collection of artifacts and learns the back-stories of the 10 survivors as well as Riddick. The bounty hunter eventually betrays the policeman, murders him and attempts to find Oglive's fortune herself. The end shows her viewing a clip of the Bioraptors, noticeably startled.

Riddick's Psych Profile

Riddick's psych profile includes a psychiatrist attempting to have Riddick draw his earliest memory, only for him to first draw the prison layout including an escape route and then a seemingly random assortment of shapes. When the doctor prescribes that Riddick undergo a severe treatment, Riddick kills 5 guards, whose bodies fall into the same pattern as the previously drawn shapes, and then proceeds to escape exactly on the path that he had drawn.

The Origin of the Eyeshine

The interview with the doctor, Cutter, would seem to be retconned, as it is during his stay in Butcher Bay that Riddick actually receives his eye shine.

The Recovery Team

The final segment is of a team locating the remains of the ship. Very few bodies were found, most having been consumed by the Bioraptors. They eventually found the remains of Zeke and having no knowledge of the creatures, assumed that Riddick had cannibalized Zeke. A sandstorm eventually overtakes the recovery team, burying them, as well as the wreckage of the Hunter Gratzner.


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