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Helion Prime, also known as Helion and HP is a planet, leading economic power in the Helion system. Known for its cultural and religious tolerance, Helion Prime is a crowded transit hub.

Government and EnvironmentEdit


It has been an independent political entity since the 26th century. The world has an atmosphere of 75% Nitrogen 17% Oxygen and .7% Argon. The surface largely covered in sand dunes, and an ocean of green water.

Helion Prime is the innermost planet, closest to the sun. Rich in light, it uses its great solar beacons to gather and export that light to the other worlds of the system--the colder worlds. Dependent planets are Helion 2, Helion 3, Helion 4, Helion 5.

The government type is Constitutional Monarchy. It contains 147 countries, 277 metropolitan counties, 630 districts and 9 regions, with New Mecca as its capital.

For 68 standard cycles the Helion energy administration has used the energy relay grid to process and reconstitute solar energy to deliver clean utilizable energy parcels to the outer planets of the system. Though it first offered sunlight as a commodity, Helion Prime is now a beacon of light to anyone seeking refuge from the darkness of space."

New Mecca is taken over by Necromongers after a brief, one-night-long battle between Necromongers and Helion troopers (although armed Helion resistance continues until Riddick kills the Lord Marshal), but gains freedom after Riddick slays the Lord Marshal.

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