Grigorev[1] was a guard in Crematoria Slam Facility. Once during the contraband search he searched, Kyra, but he went a little far with his groping. Kyra used his heelspikes to kick him in the nuts, and then proceeded to kick him and beat him with his own Maulstick, finishing with a kick that launched Grigorev into a wall unconscious. After Riddick had joined Kyra and killed one of the guards with a tea cup. Anatoli Petrov and 4th guard dragged Grigorev out of the prison area.

After he recovered he had a split ear, and was playing chess with pieces improvised from bullets. Alexander Toombs' crew returned to negotiate the price over Riddick. A firefight broke out between the guards and the mercs, in which Grigorev was killed by the merc who wielded the Nun-Chuck Gun.


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