Ellen Silverman lived in the harsh, unforgiving and down-right dangerous conditions on Leiden-9. That was never part of the life that Ellen Silverman envisioned for her family. All she wanted was a secure, stable environment where she could nurture the exceptional mental abilities that her daughter Lynn seemed to be developing.

It wasn't a huge dream, but it was her dream. So, when her husband Ren told her about the opportunity to work on the Newland Transport and start a new life somewhere else, anywhere else, Ellen jumped at the chance. As long as they were together she knew they could survive the harrowing, long voyage on the colony ship.

When the mercs came, they dragged everyone aboard a different ship and she was separated from her family. Locked inside a cell, she has been left alone with her raving imagination. The agony of not knowing what has happened to Ren and Lynn - if they are sick or hurt with no one to help them - these thoughts have plagued Ellen every second of each torturous day she's been here

While imprisoned on Dark Athena, she met which Riddick. With the use of parts acquired by Riddick, she made a vent tool which could be used by Riddick to move around the ship. She worries about her daughter, who has managed to evade the Dark Athena mercs. Max Dacher planned to escape from the ship, along with Riddick, Ellen and her daughter.

After the prison riot, Ellen found Riddick in the vent, using a welding tool to remove the metal grating to free him. In the process, she was shot from behind by the psychotic prisoner known as Jaylor.


  • Ellen Silverman is playable in the Multiplayer part of the game.


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