The dwellers are disfigured humans living in The Pit, an area beneath the single max prison section of Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. They are the only beings that live in The Pit aside from Pope Joe.

They are extremely aggressive, attacking every non-Dweller they find. They are usually very emaciated as well. It is unknown if they have retained a grip on their sentience.

Because The Pit seems to be a toxic waste dump and the guards dump unruly prisoners in it, it seems likely that the Dwellers are prisoners who were mutated into Dwellers by high exposure to the toxic waste.

There were close to 100 Dwellers, but when Richard B. Riddick moved through The Pit, during both his entrance and when he returned to get Pope Joe's Voice Box, he killed nearly all of them.


  • At first the dwellers were anatomically correct, but publisher asked to remove them[1].



  1. Escape from Butcher Bay creator's commentary

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