Darby was a Mercenary on Dark Athena.


Richard B. Riddick overheard his conversation to Nazin on the radio. Darby apparently knew William J. Johns and used to work with him. Darby even knew of his morph addiction. Darby was made an offer by Nazin to sell Johns themselves, but Darby knew Gale Revas would punish them for it and declined the offer. Darby then inquired about the Newland prisoners, wondering who's next in line for the dronification. Next in line was Ellen Silverman. Darby knew it would take a while to clear up 12B, after which she would be good to go. Darby then mentioned her fate to be tragic, since Silverman has a hot ass, Nazin then compared Darby to Jaylor. Once Nazin had ended the conversation, Riddick made his move, and killed Darby.