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Crematoria is a planet in the Igneon System, it is noteworthy for its extreme temperatures and triple-max prison
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Environment & Terrain

Crematoria is a harsh planet with 52 hour days, the surface of the planet is not habitable, as thetemperatures are in the wild extremes; One would be incinerated if in the sunlight, or frozen solid at night. This makes it almost impossible to escape from, as there is only a buffer of about 20 minutes where travel on the surface is possible.

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Crematoria Terrain
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Toombs' commentary on Crematoria is as follows: "This here slam is triple-max--meaning the idiots that run the joint think they're God's gift. While the greasy f****** on Crematoria may pay real good, you better have balls of steel and one hot property in tow to risk landing there. That burning sensation you're feeling about now probably means you're standing too close to topside. My advice? Make it a quick trip."

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Early Concept of Crematoria transition
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Kyra's commentary on Crematoria is as follows: "Quite an accomplishment--someone building a triple-max slam in the belly of such a waste of a planet. No drop-ship allowed within 20 kilometers. No escapes on record. Trick now is to try to stay alive. You're gonna have to try harder to get a jump on me. Mercs did it once, and these slam guards keep trying. What most call hell, I call home."

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