Armadaro was an inmate in Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. Armadaro was booked on his home planet two weeks before Richard B. Riddick's escaped from Butcher Bay Correctional Facility.

Armadaro killed his own son and cut him to pieces at their home, where he was then arrested. He was shipped to Butcher Bay Correctional Facility through Fisher 2 as suggested by Cuellas. Barrasa then suggested that a way through Biscay would of been closer. Cuellas again thought that it doesn't really matter which planet he was routed through, he might already be in Butcher Bay.

Armadaro in fact had already arrived to Buther Bay Correctional Facility and sent to the mines, and worked as a bodyguard for Haamid. He killed a guard and took his Stun Gun, saying he had it coming. He then opted to sell the Stun Gun to Riddick, who was passing by.


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